Marina Noskova’s exhibition “7 Dreams to My Mother” will open on January 12th at 18.00, in the cinema hall of Narva Art Residency. It is a poetic and personal film installation depicting the relationship between a mother and daughter. 

This work serves as a metaphor for love towards one’s homeland and own mother. The metaphor for a feeling that, as the person ages, seems so much less like love.Marina Noskova, originally from Tatarstan (Russian Federation) is an artist living in Estonia, previously working in the field of documentary. The installation taking place in the cinema hall at Narva Art Residency, is Noskova’s autobiographical story — a dialogue between the emigrated daughter and her mother living in Russia. The film depicts a strong yearning for an intimate connection with the motherly homeland, even in the face of the challenging dictatorial reality. 

Can one’s mother cause harm? To leave a mother’s embrace is to confront the realities of the external world, to be disappointed in what the mother taught, and to start perceiving the world anew. Growing up in media propaganda, as familiar and secure as a mother’s embrace, the reality and its cruelty appear to be nothing more than a dream.Waking up and stepping away from the familiar, entering into maturity, becomes an intimidating journey. In the midst of uncertainties and exploration, there is also the fear of potential repercussions.

The installation will be open until February 28.

The film can be seen during NART opening hours, starting every full hour.

Curator: Anita Kodanik

Composer: Astra Irene Susi

Sound: Vincent Roy

Graphic design: Aaro Veiderpass

The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Foundation