Marina Noskova (Shindenkova) is an artist working with film and photography. In her practise she explores the topics of gender identety, the idea of nationality and power in contemporary setup. Exposing and objectiving her own expirience through texts, motion and static pictures, she uses camera in as a mechanism of spectating having its own POV and attention towards the artist-the spectated.  

The nature of a female social construct is built upon constant control, influence, following, spectating. Women body and mind are being controlled and infliuenced by an outside force that exists in their own heads as well as in the outside. In her practice Marina gives up towards the influence, adresses to it and documents the process.   


2006−2010- Art School, pictorial art course

2013−2017- Kazan Federal University, Faculty of Law, criminal law specialisation

2017−2018- Docdocdoc School of Modern Photography (St. Petersburg, Russia), course of documentary photography and photojournalism/ curator Michail Domozhilov

2018- Summer school project, photojournalistic workshop/ curator Andrey Polikanov

2019-2020 Docdocdoc School of Modern Photography (St. Petersburg, Russia), course of postdocumentary photography/ curator Michail Domozhilov 

2020-2023 Tallinn University, Baltic film and media school, Crossmedia bachelor’s degree program 

Awards, Exhibitions and Screenings

2018- I live in Russia/ group exhibition in Moscow

2018- I live in Russia/shortlist

2018- I am creator/ special jury

2018- PhotogrVphy grant/nominee/experimental category

2018- group exhibition of art cell “Vetv"/ collage series “Chisayna”

2019- Competition of young international journalists, Russian union of journalists/ awardee

2019- ESPY photography award/ nominee

2019- ESPY group exhibition 21 May-22 June/ Elysium gallery, Swansea, WALES

2021- Heldeke short film festival, 'The untold stories', selected screening

12.01.2024-29.02.2024 — NART, Narva art residency, Estonia, film installation “7 Dreams to my mother”

Projects, publications:

2018-2019, Bird in flight, Les Media, Russian Reporter

2018 “No one left behind” crowd-finding platform, 

2019-2020 “Dream with me” charity project, staff photographer

25-31 July 2021 “Opening Russia” multimedia project, photographer, journalist