Run into a dirty old 2 with a Lynch like red chairs and clumsy walls

Tram is shaking and Im trying to balance imagining myself on a surf in some warmer country
Going to the middle

Opening my Tinder
Just a little bit of casual swiping will not hurt
It hurts only after

Next stop
A couple comes in from behind me 
They are glued to each other, barely speaking and walking, but still do

I smile

“Hold on something
Hold on me!”
Yells the guy

She can’t grab hum enough but finds a type of hug putting her head on his shoulder
Like a baby crying for long and finally falling asleep

Her eyes are closed
Her face is expressing an absolute agreement and acceptance

He says something to her on an alien Russian 
She nods her head to everything 

Being in a drunken for love absolute they are not able to speak
But if they fall they fall together 

Never liked slippery weather

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